Life Saving: Driving Tips

Be a Passive Driver.
Drive like you know it!

My way of promoting safety on our roads and for the benefit of all the viewers of my site.  I wish to share a Safety Tractor Trailer Driving Training that I was presented 10 years ago.  I have been driving tractor trailer for 29 years with 2,500,000 miles in my back pocket

Be advised that in the trucking industry, companies don't just hire a driver off the street and put them behind the wheel, just like that!  

Trucking companies present themselves very demanding.  Drivers go through a thorough and rigorous background check and a driver have to meet DOT requirements.  They will not hire any driver with a blemished record.  Rest assure that trucking companies care about the safety of the public, and they emphasize that message to their drivers.  The safety issue is addressed daily.  Posted on bulletin boards, and or communicated through On Board Computers on the trucks.  In addition the DOT enforces safety, you can appreciate that from the scale set ups, and random DOT checks of trucks on the road.

The training for safety driving consist of the following:

1) Ahead: set your sight far ahead

By looking far ahead into the distance observe the traffic flow and if traffic came to a complete halt, throw your 4-ways on to alert and alarm others to slow down.  Observe traffic merge from get on ramps and exercise courtesy by making a lane change to share the road with others.

2) Get the big Picture

This is the part where any driver on the road have to observe and absorb information as to who is behind and how they are behaving behind the will.  Same applies looking ahead, to the rear and sides.  Account for every vehicle.  Observing vehicle color, make, etc.  Be on the look out for cell phone users and stay away from them.  Be on the look out for drivers behind you and judge their erratic driving to move out of their way safely.  When making that lane change wether left or right, turn your head to view the blind spot.  This is crucial.

SPECIALLY on Holidays be on the look out for Happy Hour drivers.  You have seen them, here is a typical one: they are leaning close to the steering wheel to see the road better, or they drive close to the dotted line to go straight down the road, or they are going below speed limit on the right lane.  911 you guys........911, remember mile markers, vehicle make, color and license plate #.

3)  Keep your eyes moving

Do not fix your eyes, constantly remind yourself of the previous exercise and maintain continuity of same.  It breaks the monotony to eliminate room and or margin of error avoiding accidents and or incidents.  

This habit will decrease your tension behind the wheel as you feel that you are in control.  Most importantly, as you observe others think of what reaction you would take if the vehicle was driving erratic, and then proceed with caution.  You will be pleased how in control you are and your driving becomes more enjoyable.  As you look out for others, you look out for your well being as well.  In addition you will be amazed, as to how often you bail yourself out.

4) Leave yourself an out. 

( OUT by definition: moving or appearing to move away from a particular placeesp. one that is enclosed or hidden)

Of course traffic permitting, avoid driving parallel to another vehicle.  Concentrate on staying out of blind spots. Keep and constantly monitor your following distance.  If someone is driving too close, trow your 4-ways on to make them back up, if not, make a lane change and allow them to pass, its just as easy.  

By all means avoid road rage, stay in control.  Let them go their merry way, you already did your part even protecting them from themselves, for their lack of intelligence and common sense, do you concur?  The sad part of the story is, that they will never appreciate your courtesy, but thats ok, you are a better driver than them.  Don't let anybody take that from you by succumbing to road rage (a negative force) in the end you will never feel better about yourself.  Its, that simple!

5) Make sure they see you.

Ever seen those drivers that approach a stop sign, and they appear as if they are not going to stop.  

Its nerve wrecking! hey, 

keep your cool, blow the horn, make sure they see you.  On the interstate be on the look out for those making lane change, and make sure they see you if you are on their blind spot.  When passing an 18 wheeler, if you feel they have not seen you, flash your high beams and proceed.  I pass them quickly, never riding next to one, in the likely event they need to change lanes.  This is sharing the road guys.  Courtesy is contagious, it feels good, and road rage will take years of your lifeliterally!


People say its hard to break a bad habit.  In my book, 

its a poor excuse for those who do not want to try!

There is an easy way and a hard way of doings things.  The above is the easiest way to drive, free of tension that will make your driving most & more enjoyable, courteous and safe.

Now, last but not least, it is a proven fact that if you practice something for two weeks it becomes a habit.  I wish to take credit for that statement, but I cannot.  I did hear at the Safety Training.  And its true!

I took this training ten years ago, and never forgot it.  And when I am driving those five points are going through my head.

So here is the recipe to remember this equation.

Memorize the following phrase:

All the Children are


Kids and they


Mom and Dad

The first letter in each sentence represent one of the five points:

A (All)

Ahead, look far ahead

G (God)

Get the big picture

K (Kids)

Keep you eye ball moving

L (Love)

Leave yourself an out

M (Mom and Dad)

Make sure they see you

Be a Passive Driver.
Drive like you know it!

A passive driver complies with the rules of the road enforced by the Division of Transportation. 

Yielding, to others on the road.  A passive driver is also nonviolent (affording or promoting peace) no road rage.  Road rage had been a prevailing mode of behaving, and we need more passive drivers to deter road rage until it becomes a dying tendency that bonds (a binding negative force).  

Yielding by definition: present participle of yield to let out of one's possession or control completely.  Outstanding of its kind!  When drivers on the road, regardless if they are driving a 4 wheeler or an 18 wheeler, are passive drivers at all times.

Aggressive drivers on the other hand:

are marked by bold determination and readiness for conflict resulting in Road Rage.

They thrive on self-assertion which is the confident and forceful expression or promotion of oneself, one's views, or one's desires.  They drive based on their subjective experience.

So, the Big question is:

How do you defeat an aggressive driver?

You never defeat an aggressive driver!

Do not attempt to go there!  

Your safe driving skills will triumph over an aggressive driver.  Believe me when I tell you, that other safe and passive drivers on the road always acknowledges other safe drivers, and even if you do not know it, its appreciated to see them on the road.  I know, I have observed them.  They are easy to spot.

Be a Passive Driver.
Drive like you know it!

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